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Our full wedding service can be designed to suit your wishes, whether you dream of a quiet, intimate gathering or a grand celebration. The highly trained staff at X2 Bali Breakers Resort will do their utmost to satisfy all of your requests so that you can have the perfect wedding in Bali’s most picturesque setting.

Wedding Chapel

Sitting gracefully atop our main meeting room, the glass-framed wedding chapel at X2 Bali Breakers Resort invites you to celebrate with your loved ones in an exclusive venue amid peaceful garden surroundings.

Our chapel is open to weddings, anniversaries, renewals of vows, and all manner of celebrations and special events. With comfortable seating for up to 80 guests or standing room for 200, this elegant locale provides a picturesque setting for your most special moments together.

Wedding Packages

Whatever your dream wedding, we can make it happen with our endlessly customizable wedding packages. Our wedding and anniversary staff are friendly, resourceful, and well trained to provide traditional or contemporary themed ceremonies appropriate to any culture. We have a diverse selection of services on offer, centered around the follow categories:

-    Wedding Ceremony Package
-    Wedding Reception (venue only or venue + accommodation)
-    Romantic or Anniversary Event

Live entertainment options, special banquets with custom-designed menus, and the décor of your choice are among the many styles available for your selection.

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