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Meetings & Events

Discover the perfect destination for your next event at X2 Bali Breakers Resort.
Success is a team effort. Our venue in remote, natural surroundings offers an ideal setting for your guests to unwind, relax, reactivate their senses, and settle into renewed ways of thinking. After a day of collaboration, give your guests the ultimate sense of exclusivity in their own private Cross To villas.

Meeting Room

Our convenient, luxury meeting rooms are fully equipped to provide all the standard resources and amenities for your group. Meetings, conferences, presentations, negotiations, and a host of other activities – business and otherwise – will feel right at home in these ideal settings.

Twin Fin

At 72 sqm, this room is ideal for smaller gatherings, both social and professional. Comfortable seating and minimalist decorations make this an excellent space for discussions, presentations, celebrations and much more.


Larger groups can fit easily in this expanded venue, allowing greater attendance for a variety of events. The third meeting room option, Twin Fin and Thruster, combines the two other rooms to provide ample space for larger gatherings. Our events team will be on hand to provide you with any personal or technical services you require, letting your team get the most out of the experience.

Meeting packages

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