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Natural and cultural highlights surround X2 Bali Breakers Resort on all sides. With the world-class Balangan surfing beach just 5 minutes away, you’ll have unbeatable access to one of the island’s most celebrated attractions. Novice surfers as well as experts will find plenty to enjoy here, with good breaks in the water and shaded lounge chairs for relaxation all along the sandy beach. An on-site Surf Academy offers professional coaching for all levels, along with a full range of other surfing services.

Those seeking a quieter escape will enjoy the “natural jacuzzi beach” at Tegal Wangi, also just 20 minutes from Bali Breakers. This hidden spot is unique in that its geography creates a natural jacuzzi whirlpool effect in the water, and also features a secret cave nearby. A paved stairway makes this hideaway accessible to the whole family, with fine golden sand to complete the picture of this lovely coastal sanctuary. After cooling off in the bubbling waters, you can visit the traditional village and market nearby to experience a taste of authentic Balinese culture and tradition.


Unspoilt nature walks offer scenic trails throughout the area, leading you to destinations such as Blue Point Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, and Pandawa Beach. Panoramic views, traditional markets and the local surfer’s beach club can all be found along the way, adding a rewarding element of exploration to each comfortable stroll through the island’s natural pathways.


To satisfy your thirst for excitement, a trip to Kuta is a must. The town’s many bars, restaurants and shopping areas offer an endless selection of choices to fill your visit with variety.


And at the end of a full day, the cliffs of Uluwatu provide a magnificent backdrop for a visit to the site’s famed beach clubs, where lively music and cool drinks provide the perfect accompaniment to golden sunsets over the Indian Ocean. With all these attractions and many more, every visit to Bali can bring new discoveries and adventures.


Attractions & Surrounding Entertainment

Local Market

Bali is home to sunshine, beaches and a beautiful landscape – but it’s the cultural attractions that really make the island shine. The lively Jimbaran market offers a look at Bali’s unique shopping culture, with plenty of opportunities to pick up a souvenir on your visit.

The Kedonganan fish market is another must-see attraction, offering a glimpse into island life as it has appeared for generations. Nearby, a picturesque collection of fishing boats can be seen lined up along the coast, with fishermen and their nets ready and waiting to bring in the day’s catch.

Uluwatu Temple

One of Bali’s most remarkable sights, the Uluwatu Temple sits majestically above the coastline, offering delightful views of the water from Jimbaran’s westernmost point. The temple is easily accessible from X2 Bali Breakers Resort, and is also the backdrop for a performance of Bali’s own unique Kecak Dance.

The dance recreates the story of the Hindu legend Prince Rama, using a tall fire torch as its centerpiece. The performance of the dance occurs daily at sunset, making the most of the evening colors to provide a memorable and theatrical experience.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

Jimbaran Hill is home to Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, a 60-hectare reserve just a short drive from X2 Bali Breakers Resort. The site is the setting for a gigantic statue of Garuda – 75 meters tall, with an additional 45-metre pedestal, making it larger than the Statue of Liberty.

25 years in the making, with a budget of $100 million, this statue depicts a Hindu God riding a mythical bird, representing a key story in the cultural underpinnings of Bali island. Special dance performances, including Barong, Rindik, and Parade, can also be seen in the cultural park, depending on the day of your visit.

Sportive outing

Beyond the wide variety of water sports and running/cycling options available a stone’s throw from the resort, Bali also offers hiking and mountain biking opportunities in scenic settings. The international course at New Kuta Golf is professional and well-manicured, and a fine way to spend an enjoyable morning or afternoon.

Other types of physical activities are also popular on the island, from scooter and motorbike rentals that let you explore Bali on your own, to skydiving and parasailing opportunities for some fun in the air. Our staff can help you find the right outdoor activity for you all year round.



For clothes, electronics, souvenirs and much more, the 8-hectare Bali Collection mall brings you shopping, dining and entertainment within a distinctive local design. This is the largest shopping mall in the Nusa Dua area, and has every convenience for visitors to Bali. Everything from supermarket shopping to a 5D cinema is under one roof, plus plenty of luxury and artistic items for sale in the dozens of specialty shops.

Bali Collection is just a short drive away from X2 Bali Breakers Resort – and other, more modest shopping opportunities are within easy reach as well.

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